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Who I am

OMG, hi!! ::virtual hugs:: I’m Lauren Rose. I’m a 31-year-old mom, wife, and educator who loves living to the fullest. I truly believe that we can all achieve our dream lives without making a ton of money or sacrifices. As I curate my best life, I create resources to help you live yours. My passions are food, community, and small business. I also love to travel and plan events. My love language is french fries, and my blood is coffee. Want to get to know me better?

How I help people

Do you want to live an incredible life but feel like you don’t have the money, time, or knowledge to do so? Do you want to be a small business owner, but also have the time to enjoy your friends, family, and hobbies? Do you want to travel and eat delicious food without spending a ton of money or effort?  Then I’m your girl. I’m a creative, resourceful person who’s great at figuring things out. I’ll do all of the hard work first and then teach you my ways. 

How I help brands

I work with small businesses and micro-brands to develop their identity, streamline their social media marketing efforts, and create philanthropic, on-brand ways to serve their local communities. I also design, plan, and coordinate corporate events and fundraisers. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one consulting or a hands-on, educational workshop for a large group, I’m here to help your small business grow and succeed. 

work with me


I absolutely love working with restaurants, hotels, and any other entity in the world of food, fun, and travel. I also love working with nonprofit organizations to support a wide range of causes. If you’d like to work with me, then I’d love to send you my media kit and brainstorm some ideas! Want me to highlight your restaurant? I’m in. Want me to get involved for a good cause? I’m always down! Want me to visit your small town? Take me there. Message me today so we can work together.

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