About Lauren

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I'm Lauren Rose

I’m a creative, compassionate, hungry gal who lives to the fullest. I want to do it all, see it all, eat it all, experience it all, and give back as much as I possibly can along the way. I’m a mom, a partner, a business owner, an educator, a foodie, a traveler, an event planner, a community servant, a budget queen, and a friend to all. I love figuring out how to live my best life and helping others figure out how to live theirs.

My Content

My lifestyle brand showcases everything I love: family, food, fun, community, and small business.  I share what I’m eating, what I’m experiencing, how I manage my business and household, and everything in-between. Whatever I create, I aim to educate and entertain my audience. I adore the friendships I’ve made through social media over the years. Let’s connect!

My Work

I love helping businesses succeed and reach new audiences! I work with brands to highlight food, experiences, and causes through social media. I also provide educational workshops and private consulting for small businesses and brands. I’m also a dedicated community servant and love to work with nonprofits on any effort that gives back. Let’s collab!

My Story

OMG, hiiiiiii!!!!!! I’m Lauren.

I’m a 31-year-old mom, wife, and foodie currently living in St. Louis, MO. I’m originally from upstate New York, and I’ve lived in Florida, Texas, and Colorado before moving to STL, my husband’s hometown. 

My husband is Kory, and we met during college at USF in Tampa, FL. Post-grad school, I worked in social marketing and events while Kory worked in television. In 2015, after feeling like I wanted to do something more impactful with my career, I joined Teach for America. TFA moved us to Dallas, TX, where we both became high school teachers.

Life was great! We were living in a brand new state, we were busting our asses, and we were making a difference. We loved our students. We felt invigorated.

And then I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 

At only 25 years old and just four months into the school year (and away from home), I was stunned. 

Following my initial surgery and treatment, I reflected on my life as it was and compared it to what I wanted it to be. I had always been an ambitious, hard-working person, but I was also a relatively low-risk person who had a lot of growing, learning, and exploring to do. I also had a lot of dreams to chase that suddenly didn’t seem so unattainable. 

So I completely changed my life. This time, I did it fearlessly, equipped with a new perspective.

Kory and I finished the school year and then moved to Colorado because we had always wanted to. 

I quit my job. I was working 60+ hours per week as a teacher, and I needed to get healthy and make a new life plan.

We got healthy; we made a new life plan. 

I started working for myself. I offered freelance services in social media, blogging, and brand development. I donated countless hours to local nonprofits to help them market their services effectively. [Want to hear more of my story behind my career? Check out my interview with VoyageSTL here!

We got married. I single-handedly planned our 4-day, 3-night wedding weekend extravaganza in the Breckenridge, CO mountains for us and 30 loved ones. 

We traveled more than we ever had before. We maintained a modest income, but I didn’t let that stop us. I used my professional skills to strategize, plan, and budget out as many trips as we could take. 

We became more involved in our communities than ever before. We participated in protests, volunteered with countless organizations, and organized supply drives. We adopted families for the holidays, and we partnered with our networks to host fundraisers.

We had a baby. Our son, Harvey. Something we’d never thought we’d do. 

We bought a house, and then sold it less than two years later. We moved…. And moved… and moved… and then moved again.

We learned, we experienced, we overcame challenges, we grew, we took risks, and we transformed into better versions of ourselves. We cooked, we ate, we drank, we met new people, we tried new hobbies, we explored, and we lived more life in five years than we had in 25.

Post-diagnosis, I rerouted my life to prioritize what mattered most to me: my family, my community, and my quality of life. 

And that’s the life I’ve lived ever since! 

Today, my life is full of family, food, fun, community, and living MY purpose. I work with local small businesses to develop their authentic brand personalities and engage audiences. I spend most of my days cooking, eating, exploring with my husband and toddler, and giving back to others. I love to host events and fundraisers, travel, and try new things. Everything I do is on a budget, and I love teaching others how accessible and affordable it can be to live your best life. 

I’m curating my own form of a dream life, and I’m utilizing my skills for good. What more could I ask for?

So how about you? What’s your story? 

Let’s keep this conversation going on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Anything else? Just send me a message