Nashville’s Best Beer: New Heights Brewing Company

If you’re looking for Nashville’s best beer, then I’m going to need you to venture about a mile away from The Gulch to New Heights Brewing Company

new heights brewing company nashville tn
Upon walking into New Heights Brewing Company

This brewery is not for you if you’re looking to bar hop or to see and be seen around the city’s trendiest spots. Located across I-40 and situated in an industrial block of town, New Heights is a stand-alone establishment that’s sort of plopped down in the middle of nowhere. 

The vibe of the block is no vibe. Nashville City Cemetery is a five-minute walk away. When your Google Maps says you’ve arrived, you’ll probably mutter, “where the fuck am I right now?” as you exit your vehicle. 

exterior view new heights brewing company nashville tn
New Heights doesn’t need your frills.

That’s the thing, though: New Heights doesn’t need the foot traffic from retail neighbors. It doesn’t need to rent a spot on Music Row in order to be discovered. 

New Heights doesn’t need to find you; it waits for you to find it when the time is right. 

And that’s because New Heights Brewing Company brews the best damn beer that Nashville has to offer, on top of every other thing you hope and dream for from an establishment. 

Unique, Incredible Flavors

I was drawn to New Heights when I searched Nashville’s best beer options and stumbled across information about their beer flights. There are 13 brews to choose from, and you pick six to try. Each sample is a four-ounce pour, and you pay $15 for the flight of six. 

six sample beer flight
My six-sample beer flight for $15. Worth it!

When reviewing the tasting menu, I couldn’t believe the delicious and creative flavors I had to choose from. Six choices easily jumped off of the menu, and every brew I sampled exceeded my taste buds’ expectations. I chose: 

-“Coffee & Cream” – A coffee and vanilla cream ale 

-“Stay Gold Pony Boy” – a golden stout with chocolate, coconut, coffee, and cinnamon 

-“Ma Ma Ma My Mimosa” – a mimosa-inspired, gose-style beer with tangerine, pineapple, and sea salt

-“Samarye Voodoo”  – a dark rye sour with blackberry, boysenberry, and cherry

-“Side Part & Skinny Jeans” – a sour IPA, dry-hopped and finished with guava and passion fruit, and 

-“Coffee Navel Gazer” – an imperial stout brewed with Crema Coffee, aka the best coffee roaster in town. 

best beer nashville tn
Check out this tasting menu full of delicious, unique flavors. Peep our choices.

How incredibly delicious and creative are those brews!? New Heights isn’t brewing anything standard or uninspired. Choosing six beers to try was a breeze with flavors so unique and mouthwatering. 

Happy as a clam with my beer flight

Each beer I tried had me making some sort of exclamation: 

“OMG this is so good! I was about to chug it, but I’m gona savor it instead.” 

“Oh wow, you have to try this one.”

“I’ve literally never tasted anything like this. Who runs this place?”

“Woah, it really does taste like coffee!!” 

“The hint of salt comes in at the end! How’d they do that shit?” 

“This is sorcery!!!” 

beer flights nashville tn
Look at those beautiful brews!

By the end of all six samples, I felt a mild, happy buzz. It was perfect. I still felt light and energetic, which we needed since it was mid-afternoon. None of the beer was too heavy or gave me that full, bloated feeling. This is true, high-quality beer!

A Fun, Friendly Environment 

We ended up spending double the time we intended at New Heights Brewing Company because the atmosphere was so inviting and entertaining. There’s a patio space in the front of the building that wraps around the side, perfect for enjoying any beautiful weather. There’s also an indoor dining room and bar area that is super spacious, open, airy, and clean. 

The indoor space at New Heights

Both the patio and the indoor space is dog and kid-friendly. Everything, including the bathrooms, is clean. When we visited, ‘90s hits played overhead. They host events like trivia nights and Christmas in July. While we visited during Memorial Day weekend, they were hosting a free grill out BBQ party. 

Inside, you’ll find a couple vintage arcade games and board games. We played giant Connect 4, which was perfect for our toddler to “play” with us. We spent about two hours hanging out, tasting and discussing the beers, and playing games. 

giant connect four
One of the many choices of games found inside at New Heights

We could’ve easily stayed longer and opted for a second flight– a chance to try almost everything off of the menu– but we had too many other places to check out while in town. Without a doubt, though, New Heights as a stand-alone establishment has everything you need to stay and enjoy yourself for a few hours. 

PRO-TIP: There’s also a “plant wall” at the front entrance that makes a great backdrop for a photo!

Snap a picture in front of this beautiful green backdrop at the front entrance!

Delicious food options 

We didn’t eat while at New Heights– only because we had food plans immediately following– but I wish we did. They’ve partnered with 312 Pizza Company to provide delicious, Chicago-style pies to patrons. 

We chatted with a couple who offered to take a family photo for us, and their pizza arrived while we were talking. I tried my hardest to not be a creep and stare at their food, but damn that thing looked and smelled amazing. 

Nashville’s best beer and Chicago’s best pizza — plus games — all in one spot? Who wouldn’t want that?

Exceptional staff 

The New Heights small but mighty crew is another top notch quality about this brewery. They’re incredibly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Ask any questions, ask for recommendations, ask them about their brewing process– they’ll be happy to chat with you and make your experience exceptional. 

Perfect date spot, even with our toddler tagging along. 11/10 will be back!

I also really love the fact that New Heights is a small, family-owned and operated business. The owners are married; the wife handles the paperwork and the husband is the master brewer. They employ a handful of wonderful, talented folks who all come together to give Nashville a warm community space and quality-crafted beer.

Co-owner, husband, and master brewer Jeff initially worked a regular 9-5 job before quitting and changing his life completely. From a corporate job to brewing Nashville’s best beer, his life story is the epitome of chasing your dreams. You can read about the team’s story here if you’re interested, otherwise just know that you’re supporting small business when you visit New Heights!

Next time we’re in Nashville, we’ll definitely be back to New Heights Brewing Company again. My flight of six flavors were all so delicious, I’d be happy to have the exact same thing next time– but I know I’ll be too tempted to try new brews. They also periodically release new flavors,  so the menu may be completely different next time. All the more reason to go back next time and see! 

Do you have a favorite brewery in your town or a city you’ve visited before? Do you have a different place that you think makes Nashville’s best beer? Reach out to me on Instagram and let me know what it is and where! 

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