The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

Hi hello I don’t know if you’ve realized this, but April is already ending. Which means Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Which means we need to start thinking about Mother’s Day gifts like NOW. 

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. 

If you’re anything like me, you live in an enigma of time and you never know what day it is anymore. Like this one, holidays tend to sneak up on you. Most gifts are purchased last-minute. 

I get it! So I’m here to help.

I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for the mama in your life. I own and enjoy most of the items on this list. Some items are on my personal wishlist (hint hint husband), one item is currently being shipped to my house, and a small handful are items that my close friends own, love, and rave about. All items are highly rated and vetted. 

You should also know that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you choose to buy any of my suggested items through Amazon, then there’s a chance that Jeff Bezos himself will come to my house, throw a few pennies on the ground, and laugh as I scramble to pick them up. These pennies get added to a piggy bank that is 100% dedicated to my kid’s chicken nugget fund. All of this magic happens at no additional cost to you. 


Here’s a list of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that I really, really dig this year, grouped by category of interest. 

Gifts for Moms Who Love Spa Stuff: 

A Heated Body Massager: 

Okay, this massager is GOOD. And when I say good, I mean great. I grew up with a massage therapist mother, so I know my massages. Since she and I live in different states, I’ve tried all sorts of at-home massage devices, and never loved any of them. Until my husband gifted the Zyllion Shiatsu body massager to me when I was pregnant. 

Not only are the internal balls heated (or not– you can turn that part off) — but this massager actually goes deep and provides relief. Finally! You can also strap this baby to the head seat in your car and get a neck massage during your commute. I love using it on my calves, and I make all of my friends try it out too. I’ve let so many friends borrow my Zyllion body massager that several have even purchased their own. In fact, one of our friends is borrowing it for a couple of weeks right now. Seriously, cannot rave about this thing enough. BUY IT! 

body massager mother's day gift

An At-Home Foot Spa: 

My husband gave this to me as part of a home spa package for my Mother’s Day one year, and I still love to use it to this day. I’ve even had friends use it and love it. My HoMedics foot spa is super budget-friendly and effective enough, but now that I know how great these babies are, I want to upgrade to something more powerful. Right now I have my eye on the MaxCare Foot Spa, which has 16 massage rollers, temperature control, and vibrations. Yes, please.

A Super Comfy, Plush Hooded Robe

Am I the only mama obsessed with robes? I own more than I care to admit, but I added this one to my wishlist in an instant. None of my robes look this soft, and none of my robes have hoods! And that gray color?? LOVE. 

A Personalized Spa Gift Basket: 

Spa baskets are always a fun mother’s day gift idea because you can mix and match what you want to include based on the mom’s likes or interests. You can also keep this gift super budget-friendly, or you can completely splurge, buy it all, and add some spa-related gift ideas from above. The choice is yours! (And your wallet’s). 

face mask for mother's day gift
Queen of face masks right here.

I’m obsessed with spa stuff– I’ve worn every single type of mask you can imagine, I’m constantly stocked on scrubs and bombs and lotions and potions and elixirs. I’ll save you the anecdote about each item and just list the best spa stuff I’ve ever used:

Round your spa gift basket out with some chocolates and other snacks/food she loves, and throw in a bottle of wine or booze/beverage of her choice to make it all complete. 

Gifts For Moms Who Love Cooking and Baking: 

A Charcuterie Board Set: 

Charcuterie boards were all the rage in 2020, and with good reason. Charcuterie is amazing and always has been. If the mom in your life is like me and has always loved making charcuterie boards at home, then maybe she could use an upgrade. Or maybe she just came around to them and wants to try her hand at curating beautiful, delicious spreads. Either way, this charcuterie board set is both gorgeous and functional. Now that we have a glimmer of hope for socializing at some point this year, mamas might be looking to host a get-together sometime soon, and this board would make for a huge hit. 

A KitchenAid Stand Mixer: 

If the mama you are shopping for this year loves to cook or bake, then she has to own one of these bad boys. If she doesn’t already own one, then this is the year to get her one. The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is super durable, high-quality, and versatile. My husband gifted me one years ago, and it is still in perfect condition– even though we use it a ton. We make homemade cookie dough, pizza dough, whipped cream, pretzels– everything you can imagine. 

If your Mother’s Day gift recipient already owns a KitchenAid stand mixer, you can also choose to give her some stand attachments so she can step her game up even more. We personally own the pasta attachment, which we use to make fresh fettuccine and ravioli. We also use the meat grinder, which my husband uses to make homemade chicken burgers and chicken sausage. There are also other options, like a food grinder and strainer, so you can make tomato soup from tomatoes, a spiralizer, and also the next one I want to get, which is a slicer

homemade pizza
The perfect homemade pizza crust we’re able to achieve with our Kitchen Aid stand.

I’m not linking the KitchenAid Stand Mixer itself because so many of them are already sold out. I would do some searching around to see what you can get for the best price. For the classic stand mixer, you can expect to pay approximately $300, but there may be some steep deals or promotions out there. Anything around $200 would be a steep deal, and anything less than THAT would be a straight-up steal. Keep your eyes peeled and consider places that run cash-back promotions or offer coupons, like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, and Kohl’s. You can also take your chance with a knockoff, but I can’t vouch for any of the options.

The Cosori Air Fryer

An air fryer is another absolute perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for any mom who loves to cook– or loves to eat. It’s especially perfect for moms because it is super easy to use, efficient, and easy to clean, so it’s a great device for people who are constantly multitasking. I am obsessed with our air fryer. We have the Cosori air fryer, and we use it for everything! Seriously– everything. I toast things in it, cook raw meat in it, make the best, crispiest, juiciest chicken wings in it… it’s so efficient and it never leaves my food soggy, limb, or stale. We love air fryers so much that we have gifted them to loved ones.

Reheating pizza in my air fryer is divine. Making open-faced sandwiches with bubbly brown melted cheese on top. You can make perfectly crispy air-fried potatoes, sweet potato fries from scratch, or even use frozen fries or tater tots. Even veggies– both raw and frozen– turn out amazing in our air fryer. Snack foods for your kids are quick and easy to make. We’ve used a wide range of air fryers from different brands, but I’ve linked the specific Cosori air fryer we’ve had for about 2 years now because I really like it. 

A New Cookbook 

A new cookbook is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for any mama who loves cooking. I mean, duh, right? But I feel like this simple, sweet gift is often overlooked. With this Mother’s Day gift option, you can extend your thoughtfulness by bookmarking a few recipes you think she’d like. Better yet, you could also ask the mother in your life to pick out her favorite recipe from the book and make it for her a week later as an additional way to show your love. Here are my top 6 absolute favorite cookbooks that I own and recommend to everyone on earth: 

Mixtape Potluck

I’m listing this cookbook first because I am honestly shocked that more people do not know about it. Mixtape Potluck is SUCH an unique, funky cookbook that also doubles as a guide to hosting a badass dinner party. And now that there is a very small, barely-visible-but-still-sort-of-visible light at the end of the COVID19-tunnel, don’t we all want to get some dinner parties on our calendars? I know I do.

One of our friends who knows me for cooking and hosting parties gifted this cookbook to me, and it was honestly one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. The book is orchestrated by Quest Love, and it includes a ton of recipes from creators of all sorts. Everyone from Amy Poehler, to Q-Tip, to Natalie Portman, to Martha Stewart herself shares a recipe. And yes, song suggestions are included as well! Boom! Everything needed to curate a fun, delicious evening for friends, all wrapped up into one awesome Mother’s Day gift. 

a woman sitting outside reading a cookbook
Reading Potluck Mix Tape like it’s a novel

Thug Kitchen Cookbook 

If the person you’re getting a Mother’s Day gift for is at all interested in trying vegan food, then THIS, my friend, is THE vegan cookbook to buy. Thug Kitchen Cookbook is the only cookbook that has delivered super delicious vegan recipes that are also unique. Every other vegan or vegetarian cookbook I’ve read delivers the same old vegan meals we always see, but Thug Kitchen Cookbook presents flavor combinations and ingredients I’ve never used or thought to pair together. 

The Thug Kitchen recipes are fun, they’re incredibly tasty, and they stand out as bold superstars amongst the sea of boring, redundant vegan options. It is the cookbook I recommend to any and everyone– vegan or not– who is looking for new recipes. My favorite recipes are the beer-braised cauliflower tacos, the peanut noodles with kale and tempeh (just trust me), the japchae, and the sweet potato al pastor tacos. 

Pastry Love 

Is your Mother’s Day gift recipient a seasoned baker? Then this is the cookbook she needs. Pastry Love is seriously the most beautiful, thoughtful, creative pastry cookbook I have ever seen. These recipes are not for the average baker– they are at least moderately complex, and some are downright challenging. 

Like the book itself, the recipes– and the pastries– are incredibly thoughtful. The book’s author is Joanne Chang, an award-winning pastry chef and owner of a small chain of bakeries in Boston called Flour. Joanne is undeniably creative and scientific about her recipes– she has tested them meticulously in order to produce 

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW! Where are all of my Great British Bake Off lovers?! This angelic, pure baking competition show has captured the hearts of millions, and if the mother you’re shopping for is one of them, then she needs– read: NEEDS– this cookbook. 

Mary Berry is the QUEEN of baking. No questions asked, no outside opinions accepted. We stan Queen Berry in all that she creates, but especially what she bakes. Mary Berry has published numerous cookbooks, but I would say that this one is the best since it is the baking bible and is the most generally applicable to all occasions. 

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen 

Maybe you’re a fan of Chrissy Teigen, maybe you’re not. Maybe you have no idea who I am talking about. Either way, this cookbook is a serious score for anyone who loves to cook and loves to eat. This would also be a great Mother’s Day gift for any mama who loves to host dinner parties or brunches. SO many outstanding, delicious recipes in this cookbook

I actually read this cookbook during a long hospital stay, and it completely distracted me and brightened my week. Not only are the recipes unique and downright mouth-watering, but Chrissy is undeniably funny. She includes brief anecdotes throughout the cookbook that are guaranteed to make you smile. She also grew up with a Thai mother and a white (Norwegian) father, so her range of flavors is vast. 

If the mother in your life is a pop culture queen, then she will especially love this Mother’s Day gift– but even if she isn’t, this cookbook is a guaranteed winner.

Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines

Yes, Joanna Gaines’s cookbook is exactly as beautiful, fresh, and farm-table-y as you’d expect it to be. Magnolia Tables is the first of two cookbooks Joanna has published, and it makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift even if the mom in your life isn’t an HGTV fan. With recipes ranging from homemade biscuits with jam, to perfect chocolate chip cookies, to her mother’s Korean bulgogi recipe, this cookbook is a perfect addition to any amateaur chef’s kitchen. 

The photos are light, bright and whimsical, and the general aesthetic of the entire book encourages you to make magic in the kitchen. You can literally feel the warmth, love, and compassion radiating through the Magnolia Tables cookbook. If “modern farmhouse” is something your wife, mom, or grandmother has ever uttered, then just save yourself some time and order this outstanding cookbook.

A Cake-Decorating Kit:

Okay, so if the mom in your life does love to bake, and she already owns a Kitchen Aid stand, and she already has some awesome baking cookbooks, then help her take her baking skills to the next level by giving her a complete cake-decorating kit. Extra points if you also throw in some additional accessories, like some edible gold spray, edible metallic spray, edible gold pearls, or beautiful blue and purple dried edible flowers for her baking creations.

After my husband and I binged all of Great British Bake Off, I couldn’t help but want to try my hand at baking elaborate, professional-looking cakes. I purchased my complete cake-decorating kit with the intention to make a fancy smash cake for my son’s first birthday, which– admittedly– I never did. And then once COVID-19 quarantines meant we spent all day, every day indoors with a toddler, no cake-decorating was happening. 

However! I still own and love this kit. Now that my family and I are in a bit more of a routine, my goal for summer is to create all sorts of beautiful cakes. The cake-decorating kit I’ve linked here is the upgraded version to mine, which includes a ton of additional supplies for the same price I paid a couple years ago.

cake decorating kit mother's day gift

A Kombucha-Brewing Starter Kit:

Another fun hobby we’ve recently started in our kitchen is making kombucha. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift that is little outside-of-the-box, and if the mom in your life is OK with taking on new project, then give kombucha-making a whirl. In order to get started, you will need a scoby (the live ingredient from which you brew your kombucha), a large jug with a covering, sugar, ph balance strips, tea bags, starter liquid, and– highly recommended– some bottles to pour and store your produced-kombucha so that you can continue making new batches. If you don’t want to hunt for stuff individually, then just purchase this complete kombucha-brewing starter kit.

We were lucky enough to have one of our friends provide us with a scoby, so we just purchased our gallon jugs and six-pack of glass storage bottles separately. I’ve linked the ones I own in case you’re interested in going the a la carte route, too. However you start your brewing journey, you’re in for a fun, delicious, and rewarding Mother’s Day gift! If you want to make things extra special, you can throw in a kombucha recipe book, or simply check out some tasty ideas online. I’ve linked a few options for you here: blueberry ginger kombucha, watermelon mint kombucha, and lemon ginger kombucha.

Cordless Kitchen Aid Mixer:

OK so this cord-free mixer is definitely on my wish list, and as I am typing this, it is literally 45% off. I’m THIS close to adding it to my cart, but I’m also THIS close to checking into a rehab facility for my online shopping addiction, so. Here we are. 

I recently saw this mixer featured on Nabela’s YouTube channel, and it was love at first sight. How convenient! How genius!! Why didn’t KitchenAid create the cord-free mixer sooner?! IDK and IDC because it’s here now. 

No doubt your mom/wife/grandmother/whomever will marvel over this Mother’s Day gift. Just buy it and send me a pic of her happy face later. 

Gifts For Moms Who Love Arts & Crafts:

A DIY-Soap Making Kit: 

My friend started making soap during COVID-19 quarantines, and I have sincerely admired this fun project. Although I haven’t made any soap from scratch myself, I have served as the grateful recipient of numerous homemade bars. It has been super cool it is to witness my friend making soap from scratch! If the mother in your life could use a new hobby, though, this would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. 

For your beloved mama to start soap-making, she’ll need a beginner’s soap-making kit, some instructions to follow, and perhaps some supplies to create variations in her product. You can search the internet for some basic beginner’s recipes to follow, or you can opt to purchase a soap-making recipe book. I also gifted my soap-making friend with two pounds of a goat’s milk base and some beautiful dried flowers to help her experiment. 

homemade soap mother's day gift
The latest batch of homemade soaps my friend sent to me!

A Cricut Easy Press:

I do not own a Cricut, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want one. COVID-19 turned all of my friends into practical fashionistas, and designing products looks so fun.

I have several friends who own a cricut and make their own products. Jackee’s Joyous Creations and Crochet Magic by Jamie are just two examples of boss women creators whom I know in real life, love, and buy from. Jackee made my BLM cloth face masks and Jamie made our son’s crocheted newborn outfit, as well as some t-shirts, for us. 

If the mother in your life is crafty like this, then a cricut as a Mother’s Day gift would definitely send her over the moon with excitement! 

A Calligraphy Starter Kit: 

I love the idea of a Mother’s Day gift that provides everything needed to learn calligraphy. When broken down as a step-by-step process, calligraphy can be perfected by anyone. Plus, tons of mamas are selling handmade prints, cards, and accessories, so this hobby can also double as a new side-hustle. 

I sort of threw this “beginner’s kit” together since I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. If I was gifting a “beginner’s calligraphy kit,” I would gift this step-by-step tutorial book, and these calligraphy pens.

Gifts For Moms Who Love Sh!t that Says “Mom:” 

Best Effin’ Mom Ever Coffee Mug

I personally own and love this mug. I bought a matching set for my husband and I when we had our son. I’ve used TF out of it for the past 2.5 years now, dish-washed it, microwaved it… and it’s still in perfect condition. I especially love that it is a 15-ounce mug because I like to make XL cups of coffee in our Keurig. Most of the other novelty mugs we’ve purchased or received are tiny, leading me to avoid using them. This one is perfect!

mother's day gift coffee mug
The mug says it all.

Mama Cup with Bear: 

If you want a mother’s day mug that doesn’t say “effin’” on it, then this mama bear mug is my favorite option. I love the “mama bear” theme– who doesn’t?– but I prefer the actual bear image over the word “bear.” Is that weird? Plus, this mug comes in three super cute and unique colors: teal, plum, and coral. It’s also a 14-ounce mug for those supersized cups of coffee. Love! 

Personalized Mama Bear Tumbler 

OK, I am actually drooling over this Mother’s Day gift idea and literally sending it to my husband right now. I became addicted to tumblers about one year ago– I know, so late– and they’ve changed my life. Hot drinks stay hot??! Cold drinks stay cold!?!! MAGIC! 

This tumbler can come in a 20 or 30 ounce size– perfect!– and once again has the bear image with the word “mama” inside. The design displays baby cubs beneath the mama bear, and each cub is personalized by name. The tumbler holds up to 10 baby cubs, and comes in 13 different colors!! How adorable is that?? This would be a perfect mother’s day gift idea for moms, obviously, but also for grandmothers, aunts, or even teachers. 

Queen Mom Wine Glass: 

If mom is more of a wine drinker, consider this adorable wine glass that reads: “mom a title just above queen.” How cute is that!? This is a fully stemmed, traditional wine glass that holds up to 12.75 ounces (aka about half of a bottle). 

If the mother you love loves coffee and wine equally, then maybe make her a beverage basket! Include a coffee mug, the tumbler, a new speciality bag of coffee for her to try, the wine glass, and a fun new bottle of wine she can enjoy. Now that would be a super cute mother’s day gift idea!

Dearfoams Mama Bear Slippers

If you’re looking for a mother’s day gift that screams comfort, then this is your buy. These aren’t your average slippers– they’re Dearfoams slippers, aka they’re one gene away from being actual clouds. Dearfoam slippers are so cushy and soft; the mother in your life will love resting her little footsies in this adorable set. 

If you want to include these slippers as part of a larger, more expensive gift, then perhaps consider creating a complete home spa day as your mother’s day gift idea. You could make mom breakfast in bed, take the kids off of her hands for the day, and let her get some much-deserved alone time with all or some of the products from the spa package I mentioned at the beginning of this article. For your convenience, I’ve relisted and linked everything below:

Encourage mama to watch her favorite programs, get rest, read a book, or call a friend. Arrive back in the evening, with takeout for dinner! Now THAT would be an incredibly above-and-beyond mother’s day gift idea! 

Obsessed with my MAMA tie dye t-shirt

A Tie-Dye MAMA T-Shirt: 

This is hands-down the cutest “mama” shirt I’ve seen on the internet. I’m obsessed with the tye dye, the color scheme, the font, the layout, everything! Plus, how perfect is this tee for the summer? I’ve ordered mine and it’ll be here in two days! 

Gifts For Moms Who Love Supporting Women-Owned Businesses: 

If the mother in your life is like me, then she loves supporting women-owned businesses. I have a list of women-owned businesses that I love to purchase from, and every product I have received from these boss baddies has been exceptional. My favorite products from my favorite women-owned businesses are linked below:

The All-Natural Skin Spray from Nico Dymynd Artistry

This spray makes my skin feel incredible. The product is purely organic and handcrafted by a celebrity makeup artist with more than 6 years of industry experience. I use the dry skin formula and spray it on whenever my skin feels dull. Nico was also the makeup artist for our wedding!

The Skin spray collection by NicoDymynd Artistry

Jackée’s Joyous Creations

I purchased my Black Lives Matter cloth face masks from Jackee back when COVID19 started, and her product has held up really well. It’s breathable, easy to clean, and still looks great after running it through numerous wash cycles. She makes all sorts of stuff, though, so give her shop a look. 

One design of many by the talented Jackée’s Joyous Creations

Prints By Printz

I purchased my blue “socially distanced” t-shirt from this shop during COVID19 as well, and I quickly became obsessed with this tee. Alexa’s shirts are incredibly soft, high quality, and tagless. They’re seriously the most comfortable shirts ever. Not only will you be supporting a women-owned business, but also a mom-owned business! 

Namaste 6 Feet Away Tank by Prints by Printz

Crochet Magic by Jamie

We purchased our son’s crocheted newborn outfit set back when I was pregnant with our son. We didn’t know the gender yet, so Jamie included both a bowtie and a headband bow with our outfit set. The effort and detail that Jamie puts into her products is outstanding. She crochets everything from hats, to blankets, to baby clothing, to stuffed animals and more. She’s seriously talented and also a mama! 

The gender neutral newborn set we purchased from Crochet Magic by Jamie

KimyanaJo Designs

Kimyana creates such a wide range of products, you will definitely find something to customize for the mother in your life! I am torn between buying a personalized tumbler, a personalized wine glass, or both. I’m also itching to host our next annual friend’s weekend so that I can customize some shot glasses or something. Anything you want, Kimyana can design for you!

A small sample of what KimyanaJoDesigns can make for you!

Gifts For Buyers on a Budget: 

What I Love About Mom Book: 

I bought this for my mom when she came to visit me one year, and it really made her week. The prompts are easy to follow, and they allow you to express a range of sentiments. This little book is a great keepsake for mom to keep and read whenever she wants to feel some love.

A Mom Heart Pendant: 

This simple but elegant pendant is both classic and tasteful. At just $7, I doubt this item is “shower safe,” but you could always hang it up around her rearview mirror in her car or some place else where it will be used on display instead of worn daily.

You Are F**king Awesome Coloring Book: 

Pair this cheeky coloring book with some colored pencils from the Dollar Tree, her favorite snack, and some time to herself, and you have yourself a fun and relaxing mother’s day gift idea. 

Mommy & Me Distressed Picture Frame: 

If the mom in your life loves the modern farmhouse look, then she would love this gorgeous photo frame. Find your favorite photo of mom and her child(ren), print it out at Walgreens for less than 25 cents, and write out a thoughtful love letter to pair. Packaged all together, this mother’s day gift idea is sure to tug on mama’s heartstrings. 

Gifts for Moms Who Love Home Décor: 

A Set of 6 Succulents in Owl Pots: 

Okay, these are stinkin’ adorable. If the mother in your life loves the idea of plants but can’t keep them alive, then this is a great Mother’s Day gift option. The owl decor is super cute, and succulents are a beautiful, clean, and low-maintenance way to add some green into mom’s space. These cuties are sitting on my “home decor” wish list, just waiting for when we buy our next home to decorate! 

owl succulents mother's day gift

Super Soft Throw Blanket for Summer:

I might not have owl succulents at home right now, but what I do have is a ton of blankets. I LOVE a good blanket. Honestly, I even love a crappy blanket. And this super soft, brightly colored blanket is a perfect addition to any blanket-lover’s home. The color options for this blanket are incredibly beautiful; my favorite is the teal. 

This blanket is on the thinner side, which is actually perfect to lounge with while watching TV in the summer. Because sometimes you just want a nice blanket but don’t want the heat, you know? Since the color is so beautiful, you could also use it strictly as décor. 

Personalized Soundwave Art Décor:  

Amazon actually recommended this mother’s day gift idea to me based off of my purchase history. I gotta say: Amazon knows me well because I was instantly intrigued. Artblox takes the soundwave of any recording and turns it into a gorgeous, colorful piece of art. How cool is that!? If you want a mother’s day gift idea that is unique, beautiful, and sentimental, then this is a great choice.

Gifts for Moms Who Don’t Like Stuff: 

If the mama in your life isn’t the type of person who likes receiving stuff, then consider giving the gift of time and experiences. You could look for something in your local area like a cooking or baking class, an art class– all of which can be taken virtually. Check out AirBnb’s “experiences” section and view the options to take classes with people from all over the world. Pasta-making from a grandmother in Italy, a chocolate-making class with an expert in France, hand-pulled noodles with a family from China… the options are truly endless, and more affordable than you would think!

You can also give mom a day to enjoy herself. This day could be spent totally alone or with a friend. Your decision will be based who you’re Mother’s Day shopping for and how that mama spends her day-to-day. For example, if the mom you’re shopping for has young children at home, then give her a day to herself. Yes, that’s right, this mama needs a BREAK. Give her the gift of alone time– something she likely rarely gets to enjoy these days.

Book her a room at a nearby hotel, and stock the room with wine, food, and entertainment. Leave a couple face masks in the room, some spa stuff, or whatever she likes. Let her relax, get sleep, binge watch trash tv, pamper herself, and not be needed for once. This doesn’t have to be expensive. My husband and I are OBSESSED with Drury Inn hotels, and they only cost about $90/night. They also have free hot breakfast, a free happy hour appetizer spread, and 3 free alcoholic beverages per night per guest, ALL included with your stay. It’s truly a perfect little staycation joint. 

If the mom you’re shopping for is your mom, and you’ve just recently moved away for college or a job, then perhaps give her the gift of spending a day with her. Buy her a nice lunch, do some window shopping, stroll along the beach, have an ice cream cone, get a pedicure together, go see a movie. Chances are, she’s missing you and would love some quality time. 

If your mom doesn’t have young kids and sees those kids often enough, then perhaps planning a lunch and a movie for her and one of her friends would be a thoughtful gesture. Especially after a year of quarantines, some special time with loved ones will be a nice treat.

If you have the budget for it, you can also gift the mother in your life with a future weekend getaway. Pick the city and book the hotel now using Paying just a couple extra bucks per night means that you can cancel your reservation up until the day before, so you have protection against COVID19 issues. Try picking a destination within 4-5 hours– something you can drive to, just in case another spike causes closures again. Pick out 3 restaurants you think she’d like, along with 1 or 2 fun activities you can try while in town. If you’re driving distance from Seattle, Washington and want your trip planned out for you, then check out my budget-friendly Seattle itinerary!!

girl standing under umbrella seattle washington
Consider a weekend getaway to Seattle if you’re close enough! Summertime won’t be so rainy!

Whatever makes the most sense for your mother’s current lifestyle, I think that giving the gift of enjoying time and making memories– whether alone or with others– always trumps a material gift.

Phew! That’s one heck of a list for Mother’s Day gift ideas 2021! I know what I’m getting my mom this year, and I’ve already gifted myself a few items from this list, too 😉 

What will you get your mom this Mother’s Day?