70 Ways to Stay Productive During the Coronavirus Quarantines

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am not a medical professional in any way, shape, or form. Please visit CDC.gov for all information related to COVID19.

*Disclaimer: This article may include affiliate links, for which I may receive a minuscule kickback.

We all need ways to stay sane– I mean, productive– during our Coronavirus quarantines, right? The world around us is shutting down, and many of us are locked indoors. If you’re anything like me, the stir-crazies start setting in by day two. 

I’ve seen a lot of information about online schools providing free content for children who are home right now, which is an amazing and appropriate move. As someone who believes that the future of education is primarily from-home and online, I see our current situation as “beta-testing” for what’s to come. But that’s besides the point. 

While we certainly need our kiddos to be covered, it’s a good idea to keep ourselves productive, too. There’s only so much day-drinking we can do with the kids at home, and you should probably do something besides eat through your “emergency food” stash.

That being said, I’ve put together a list of 70 ideas to help you stay productive during your Coronavirus quarantine. 

If you decide to try my ideas (or if you have an idea of your own to add), be sure to tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

#1: Follow through with learning a new language

You can start with some surface-level practicing through Duolingo, a free (and highly addictive) app. If you really want to commit to the craft, though, then consider hiring a virtual, private tutor. For example, Spanish-language-learners can join Baselang, which costs $150 for unlimited private lessons with a tutor from Venezuela! You can literally take classes for 10 hours per day if you want to– the cost will remain the same. 

#2: Start your at-home gym routine 

There are SO many free, professional workouts on YouTube. Trained athletes, certified coaches, and otherwise super-fit people post full-blown workout routines and classes– classes that are just waiting for you to take them. You can find any type of workout that you want on YouTube, so no excuses! Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, HIIT, cardio, Zumba, p90x, Jazzercise, Beach Body, workouts for beginners, workouts for experts, workouts that don’t have any jumping in them, workouts in which you jump the entire time– literally an.y.thing. 

woman doing a plank
Here I am, crying through the pain of a plank

#3: Deep-clean your house

Honestly, considering the circumstances, we should probably all do this right now. What better time/reason to deep-clean than during quarantine from a highly contagious virus? I know deep cleaning doesn’t sound like the time of your life, but you can blast some music, have a beer, and take the week to tackle your house room-by-room. 

#4: Do research on one of your dreams 

Life is short; the Coronavirus quarantines (and the virus itself) are certainly proving this notion. Why not chase one of your dreams? Or at least investigate how to do so. Now that you have some extra free time, what is stopping you from taking the first step and doing some research? Your dream may be more attainable than you think. Researching, making a plan, and implementing action steps is what turns a dream into a reality.

#5 Make a business plan 

Speaking of making a plan, why not make a business plan of your own? Your business can start small and exist only during the off-time from your day-job. Create and sell something, teach a class, offer a service– your business can be as part-time and as niche as you want it to be, especially if you already have a main source of income. What’s stopping you? 

#6 Read a book 

Remember books? So fun, amirite? Read one. 

#7 Research side hustles 

This Coronavirus quarantine is teaching us many important lessons, one of which being how important it is to have multiple streams of income. Our world is full-of gig-jobs these days, so you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy. If you have a bachelor’s degree in any field, consider teaching English online with Qkids like me. I absolutely adore my job.

Look into companies like Rev, Fiverr, Upwork, Etsy, Cambly, Chegg, GrubHub, and more. Seriously, there are tons of options out there. SideHustleNation is a great resource for ideas. In fact, they already wrote a recent list of 99 side-hustle ideas. I also highly recommend checking out the website called RatRaceRebellion, which features legit work-from-home jobs! 

a qkids english teacher teaching english during a qkids class
Asking my students: “What do you see?” during a Qkids class

#8 Make a S.M.A.R.T. goal

S.M.A.R.T. goals are ones that are: 

Specific (i.e., “I will lose one pound” instead of “I will lose weight”); 

Measurable (again, specifying “one pound” is much more attainable than just stating “weight” because you know exactly what number you are trying to hit); 

Attainable (for example, starting by losing one pound is more realistic than losing 200 pounds right away); 

Relevant to your actual life (if you loathe your current job, then focusing on a goal to find a new job is more relevant than focusing on a goal to fly to the moon); and,

Time-Based (“I will lose one pound in two weeks” is much easier to achieve because it gives you a specific deadline to commit to instead of just saying, “I will lose one pound.” When? In ten years?)

Make yourself some S.M.A.R.T. goals, and go chase your dreams.

#9 Listen to a new podcast 

Like YouTube videos, there is a podcast for literally anything you want. Psychology, travel, fitness, education, business, remote life, crime, sex, drugs, rock and roll– anything you can think of, someone is talking about it in a podcast. My mainstream favorites are Armchair Expert, Point Versus Point, Zero to Travel, and Entry Level

But if you want someone super creative and unlike anything you’ve ever heard, then please check out my husband’s podcast called: “Radio, the Podcast.” Radio the Podcast simulates a fake radio dial, providing listeners with a variety show of parody songs, hilarious listener call-ins, and satirical commercials. EVERYTHING was created from scratch– the writing of the actual sketches, the music, the beats, the character voices, even the logo is hand-drawn.

Radio the Podcast is //seriously// funny and unique! We’ve had folks of all sorts listen to it so far, and everyone said it has provided them with some great laughs and entertainment during their Coronavirus quarantine boredom! I can guarantee it’ll be a totally different listen for you. Give it a listen, and then let me know what you think!!!

#10 Take a free course from an Ivy League School 

YOU, yes you, can become a graduate of an Ivy League School(‘s online class) during your Coronavirus quarantine. While other people will be picking cheese crumbs off of their lap, clicking start on their 59th episode of Young and Dumb Sitcom, you’ll be wrapping up your thoughts on the Fundamentals of Neuroscience (yes, that’s a real option). Check out this list of current class selections, and become a college student again. 

#11 Clean your baseboards 

When was the last time you did? Just do it. Might as well. Bye, bye, germs. 

#12 Donate some stuff for a good cause

Weed through your goods, and instead of dropping them off at your usual Salvation Army, donate your items to a non-profit organization that can use them directly. AARP compiled an excellent list of philanthropic causes that need almost everything in your house

#13 Write letters to your friends and family 

Send old-school, snail-mail letters to your young and healthy friends and family members, and opt for emails or e-cards for your senior loved ones. When was the last time you expressed to these folks how much you cherish them? Now is as good of a time as ever. I see lots of Coronavirus quarantine memes that carry the “Handmaid’s Tale vibe,” so perhaps make a friend laugh by writing a letter in this style.

“Dearest Sister:

They had toilet paper in the market today. Blessed be the day.”

woman holding a card that is inside of an envelope
Yes, I’m really mailing this to “Panini Head.” The recipient loves when I call her that.

#14 Plan a future trip 

The Coronavirus quarantines have us ALL canceling trips. In fact, my 30th birthday trip to Norway (and our baby’s first overseas trip!) was just canceled. It’s such a bummer, but of course, completely understandable. In the meantime, we can keep our minds positively distracted by focusing on when travel can resume.

Keep your traveling heart happy by focusing on the future trips you’ll be able to take one day. Make a list of your top five bucket-list destinations, and start outlining some plans. Include best or affordable times of the year to go, approximate costs of plane tickets, accommodations, etc., find a few unique activities and must-eat food stops. Have fun with it! Want to go to Seattle? I’ve already outlined a trip itinerary for you here

#15 Research local nonprofits to work with 

Whenever tragedy strikes our world, it’s a good time to give extra consideration to humanity, community, and how compassionate, empathetic, and helpful we can be to others. Take some time this week to find a nonprofit near you that fights for a cause you believe it. Research the ways you can get involved, and make an action plan to do so once the Coronavirus quarantines are over.  Be sure to look up the organization you choose on Charity Navigator to be sure it follows ethical practices!

#16 Sign petitions on Change.org 

Speaking of fighting for a cause you believe in, why not support tons of causes in a matter of minutes by signing petitions that you agree with? Use your voice and your power for good.  

#17 Create your own petition on Change.org

Don’t see the cause or matter you’re most passionate about? Then take matters into your own hands by writing your own thoroughly-researched petition and circulating it online. 

#18 Plan a party for your friends 

After our Coronavirus quarantines, we’ll all need some socialization. Why not be the angel who takes it upon her/himself to host a little shindig for your group of friends? Pick a time of day (morning, afternoon, or night), pick a meal to base it around (breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour, dinner, desserts), pick a theme, plan a menu, and find at least one fun activity you could do during your get-together. 

five friends taking a photo during a 90s themed party
Throw a 90s-themed party for your friends like I did! Why not?

#19 Make an emergency contact sheet for your house 

Do you have the number and address for your closest hospital listed somewhere accessible in your home? Do you know the number for poison control? Animal control? How far is the closest fire station? If there was an accident in your home and your neighbor had to take over, would he or she know what to do or who to call? This is the type of information you do not want to have to find in the middle of an emergency. Sometimes, mere seconds can make the difference between life and death. Take this time to compile any information you’d need in an emergency.

#20 Make a fire-safety contingency plan 

Speaking of emergencies, what about a fire-safety plan? Do you have one of those in place? If your house caught on fire today and you were inside, what would you do and how would you get out from each room in your house? Do you have children? Pets? Do they know what to do? Do you have a two-story house? Do you have a way to escape from the second floor? Again, these are not things we want to have to figure out in the heat of a true emergency. 

#21 Take surveys online for cash and/or gift cards

I know it sounds like B.S., but we have actually had a really great experience using Swagbucks. My husband got me into it, and we’ve cashed out about $300 in various Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot gift cards over the past two years now. From my experience, Swagbucks is the most lucrative site out of them all, so I would invest your time and efforts into one site that you know will actually give you some return. BUT! If you want to spread yourself across various sites, a quick Google will lead you to many additional options. HOWEVER!!! Again!!!! I personally did not find ant of the other sites to be “worth it,” especially compared to Swagbucks. Just my two cents!

#22 Find crap around your house to sell 

Use the Coronavirus quarantines to take a goooooodddddd look around your house and all of the crap you don’t need, sitting around, collecting dust. Snap some pics and post away. Maybe you’ll make a few extra bucks, and you’ll clean out some of your old stuff at the same time, which is always a win. You can also choose to donate what doesn’t sell. See item #12. 

woman holding a loose cabinet
What even is this thing, and why do we have it? Not to mention the HBD banner we’ve already used and haven’t needed for 3 months now.

#23 Make a list of small businesses to support 

Local small businesses are suffering under our Coronavirus quarantines. A great way to support them would be to purchase gift cards to help them float their business now, and then use the giftcards later when they’re able to reopen (and generate new money). Some businesses are able to offer some or all of their services online right now. Seek them out, support them, and also make a plan of who you want to support when the world reopens. 

#24 Watch an educational documentary 

I know you’re already watching something— might as well learn a little in the process. I personally love 13th, Evil Genius, One Child Nation, and After Parkland.

#25 Complete a simple daily exercise challenge 

Half of us will exit the Coronavirus quarantines super fit and buff, while the other half of us will gain the #Quarantine15. While I’m on Team B, you may be a better (or, at least, more fit) person than I am. So why not use this time to complete an exercise challenge of your choice!

100 sit ups per day? 50 push-ups? 100 squats? Five minutes of stretching? A one-minute plank every morning and every night? There is no better time to choose and complete a direct exercise challenge than when you’re stuck in the house for a designated time-frame. Pick just ONE exercise (so that your plan is easier to stick with), a unit of measurement (how many per day? Per hour? Etc.) and stick with it for 30 DAYS! You got this!

#26 Actually read through and understand your health benefits 

You might have more perks or resources than you currently realize. Read through your terms and make a plan to actually utilize all of the free preventative care and/or low-cost special services that are included in your plan. I don’t know about you, but being on a Coronavirus quarantine certainly has me thinking about my health and health benefits in general, so this was one of the first things we did in our household!

#27 Make a list of specialists/doctors you can see 

Once you understand your terms, take the extra step in finding local doctors and specialists who are covered under your plan. Include their contact information and the distance that their office is from your house. Schedule your appointments when the Coronavirus quarantines conclude. Receive all the preventative care you can, and make sure you’re in tip-top condition!

#28 Fully pamper yourself 

When was the last time you treated yourself to a bath with Epsom salt, bath bombs, bubbles, a glass of wine or a beer, a hair mask, a face mask, a hand and foot scrub, an at-home pedicure and manicure, ice cream and french fries for dinner? Doesn’t that sound nice right now? Do it. 

a woman wearing a face mask while drinking white wine
Face mask on, wine in hand– this is self-care during quarantines!

#29 Organize your garage 

It could probably use the effort. I know ours sure can. Use the Coronavirus quarantine to clean out– and clean up– everything, and then get ready to enjoy the summer (and socialization!) in the near-future!

#30 Find unique activities in your own state

I guarantee there is at least one awesome or unique thing to see or do in your state that you have never seen or done. Find it, and make a plan to do it. After these Coronavirus quarantines, we will ALL need to get out of the house and explore!

#31 Plan your summer bucket list

While you’re researching local fun, go ahead and make your summer bucket list. If the USA COVID-19 timeline mirrors what the rest of the world has experienced thus far, then we will likely have at least some of the summer to enjoy. If we end up on Coronavirus quarantines until that time, I’m sure we will all be desperate to get out into the world and enjoy ourselves. So make a plan now, and prepare to have lots of fun!!….. One day. Hopefully. 

#32 Plan your next birthday celebration 

If you could do anything that YOU wanted to do for an entire day, what would you do? Plan it all out and put it into a Google doc. And then actually do it when your birthday rolls around. If your birthday takes place during the Coronavirus quarantines, then hang onto your plan and commit to it when the world re-opens. 

#33 Try your hand at meditating 

The Coronavirus quarantines may create a high-stress situation for you at home. You may have issues with your job, you may have kids who are home from school for the next few weeks, you may be sick or have loved ones who are sick. Finally breaking into a little meditation could be a perfect tool for you at this time. I have heard many good things about the free Calm app, and there are tons of meditation YouTube videos, like this quick oe for beginners from Pick Up Limes. There are also lots of podcasts; VeryWellMind put together an awesome list of options.

a woman meditating in the middle of a messy house
Trying to get my zen on despite our quarantine chaos

#34 Make a list of skills you want and where to learn them

YouTube, blogs, ebooks, free e-courses — there is so much learning to be done these days! And it is all so accessible! And free!! Make a list of your “dream skills,” and then go learn them online!! 

#35 Organize your closet(s) 

When was the last time you did? Get in there! 

#36 Clean out your junk drawer

I know you have out. Clean that crap out!

#37 Make a yourself a bag of essentials to keep in your car

On top of the usual supplies you should keep in your car in case of an emergency (see ThisOldHouse’s awesome list here), why not make yourself a small backpack filled with a few items that would make your rides more comfortable or practical? Include things like a few non-perishable snacks, a comb/brush, a change of clothes including new underwear (you never know!), some tissues/napkins, a bit of toilet paper, a few bottles of water, some hand sanitizer, some wet wipes, and a pack of gum. These things could come in handy for you one day when you’re on the go! 

#38 Make a new recipe

Use some of that food you’re hoarding to make a recipe you’ve never attempted before. Make something more complex than your usual. Try a new type of cuisine altogether. Save your standard grilled cheese for a Tuesday when you aren’t in the middle of a Coronavirus quarantine. My husband actually used this down-time to finally try his hand at homemade beef jerky, and it came out really, really good!!

I know grocery runs are limited right now, but pull out a few ingredients from your pantry, fridge, and freezer, and Google those ingredients as key words, such as: “Recipes that use (x, y, z)” / “Recipes that use chicken, canned pumpkin, and kale.” You might find a new favorite!

homemade thick cut beef jerky
Kory’s homemade beef jerky. Absolutely delish!!

#39 Show love to your loved ones

Make a list of five people you love and something small you could do to make those people smile. Then actually follow through with doing those small things. Life is too short to not express our love as often as we can! If you’re anything like me, these Coronavirus quarantines are making you realize the importance of family, love, and expression.

#40 Write something

Write down your thoughts, write a haiku about being stuck at home, write an essay about something that interests you, write a researched Facebook post about a cause that matters to you– just write something. Writing is good for the soul and it is a skill that will forever benefit you. Hey, maybe even make a time-capsule journal called: “My Coronavirus Quarantine Diary.” After all, we are living through historical times!

#41 Learn how to coupon 

You will need groceries and hygiene products for the rest of your life, so you might as well learn how to purchase those items for cheap. Watch some “How to coupon for beginners” YouTube videos, and then join a couponing Facebook group specific to your local area so you see breakdowns of prices and sales in your area (i.e., “Colorado Couponers”). Never overspend on your necessities again!! 

#42 Download store apps and add coupons now

Did you know that almost all grocery stores have their own, free apps that have a TON of digital coupons already embedded into them? Simply download the app for the store you shop at, link your loyalty card, and add as many coupons as you want just in a matter of one click. When you scan your card at the register during checkout, all of the coupons added to your card will automatically deduct. Do a little bit of work on your downtime now to save a lot later!

#43 Give yourself a massage 

There are tons of ways you can relieve stress in your own body. LazyDancerTips has an entire YouTube video showing you how to do a daily self-massage routine. Try it out! I did, and it felt amazing! 

#44 Give your pet a massage, too 

Help your furry friends relax during the Coronavirus quarantines, as well! He/she/it may be stressed out with all of the extra company at home.

a woman sitting on the couch with a dog
Massaging my old man’s hips; he loves it!

#45 Start a new hobby digitally 

Just because you can’t attend a hobby in-person doesn’t mean you can’t find something virtual or do all of the leg-work in preparation for your new hobby. You can join a book club, learn a new language or skill, or even take cooking or baking classes online these days. Or, if your desired hobby is a physical one, then do all of the research in advance while you’re home. Find local classes or group gatherings on Eventbrite or Meetup, join local Facebook groups now, outline costs and requirements, and then get active post-Coronavirus quarantine. 

#46 Deep clean your car 

I’m talking full-blown clean– outside and inside! Wipe down all surfaces!! Vacuum! Pull the carpets out and everything! And finish it off with a little Dollar Tree air freshener because WHY NOT?!

#47 Make a personal budget 

Write down EXACTLY what you bring home– after taxes– every month, and make a list of all of your expenses. Look at your online banking and add up how much you truly spend on food and fun. Be honest with yourself about your habits, and make a budget plan that works for your lifestyle. Use this quiet time to analyze your spending and ways you can save.

#48 Get familiar with your local library 

Check out the events, catalogs, etc. they have, and make a plan to utilize their resources after when your Coronavirus quarantine ends. 

#49 Make a list of books you want to read for free

There are sooooooooooo many “best new books of 2020,” “new york times best sellers list 2020 (or any other year),” “best horror novels,” “funniest books of all time,” “the best feminist books,” etc. etc., lists that exist online. Read a bunch, read the blurbs on the books they recommend, and make a list on Amazon to keep track of them. When the Coronavirus quarantines are over, simply check the books out from your local library instead. If they don’t have the book on-hand already, you can submit a request form for free and they will order it for you. If you read the look and love it, you can track the price through your Amazon list and buy it when it drops to some sort of sale (which happens often.) 

a woman sitting outside reading a cookbook
Am I the only one who reads cookbooks like they’re novels? Here, I’m probably saying: “Ohhh yeah baby, that looks good.”

#50 Open an online, high-interest savings account 

My husband and I have had MySavingsDirect accounts for years, and I have NOTHING but good things to say. We keep the majority of our money in our high-interest savings accounts, and we have zero fees. We actually make money on our money instead of paying fees! 10/10 would recommend.

#51 Take a good look at your finances

Check your credit score, request your free annual credit report, go through it line by line, dispute anything necessary, etc. Most people wait until they need their credit score (i.e., when buying a house) to do this, and they end up delaying– sometimes damaging– their timeline in the process. Since you have the downtime now, look at your finances now. There is never a bad time to manage your finances. Especially because many of us are currently out of work, laid off, on furlough or otherwise tight on money during these Coronavirus quarantines, there has never been a better time to get your finances in check.

#52 Research different types of residual income 

Stocks, bonds, content creation, investing in real estate, writing books, making courses, buying websites, buying chunks of apartment buildings, etc. There are tons of companies out there to help you get started, including Fundrise and Teachable, along with lots of great information. For instance, ThePennyHoarder wrote a great piece on How to Buy and Sell Websites

#53 Make a cheap-travel plan 

Instead of just making a travel plan, see how LITTLE money you could spend in a city you really want to go– while still having fun and eating good. That sort of planning takes time, and time is on your hands right now, so make it happen. Odds are, once you see how you can still take trips, have a great time, eat delicious food, and not spend a ton of money– you’ll get addicted to budgeting out your travels! 

Make a list of 10 cities on your life’s bucket list. Then research when/how you could travel to these places for as little money as possible, while still having a great time. Pinpoint each city’s “off” or shoulder seasons, check the weather during that time, and see if a trip could be manageable. Find cheap street eats, free activities and events, and outline it all into a Google doc. If Seattle is on your list, then follow the budget trip I’ve already outlined for you!

a man and woman standing underneath an umbrella and smiling at the camera
Our first picture after landing in Seattle

#54 Apologize to someone 

Don’t be petty; just do it. Odds are there is someone you could say sorry to for something– even if you apologize to your mother for not calling her enough.

#55 Get yourself a digital pen pal 

I just read this amazing post by Womanitely: “8 Incredible Websites to Find Digital Pen Pals” and it totally inspired me! I definitely want to get myself a digital pen pal during my Coronavirus quarantine. You should, too! How cool!?

#56 Take a virtual trip 

Coronavirus quarantines means we can’t REALLY go anywhere, but thanks to the internet, we can still go somewhere! Adventures in Familyhood posted an article called “20 Virtual Field Trips to Take with Your Kids,” but they’re awesome virtual trips for anyone– kids or not. Aquariums, zoos, art museums, and more. Check it out! 

#57 Learn how to be better with money 

I highly encourage you to read anything and everything that Dave Ramsey offers to the internet. Dave is the champion of finances, saving, budgeting, paying off debt early, and retiring early, so anything he says goes. He has tons of free resources and tools online— use them! Read them! And also read and bookmark the website called NerdWallet, which delivers a plethora of important and helpful finance information for regular Joes and Janes like you and I.

#58 Organize your digital photos 

Odds are, you have SO many. damn. photos. Don’t we all? Organize them for once! And back them up on multiple devices/websites! For years, I have personally used a combination of my local Walgreens Photo department plus online orders with Shutterfly, and I have always had great success with my personalized items and photo storage orders!

I personally love making hard-cover photo albums with Shutterfly after each year passes, and after each major trip. It’s an awesome way to preserve our memories and turn them into something presentable for us and for our guests to see. You can get your first hardcover Shutterfly photobook by using my link here. 

two photo album books from shutterfly
Just two of the many Shutterfly photo books we’ve made over the years!

#59 Organize your inbox 

Get rid of all the emails you don’t need, but most importantly, unsubscribe from ongoing messaging you don’t want. A figurative weight will be lifted! This is Coronavirus quarantine productivity at its finest and most impactful.

#60 Take a free online workshop

Follow almost ANY influencer on social media, and odds are– they have a free online course. And honestly, the free content these influencers are putting out there is good! I’ve taken several of these freebies from my social media favorites, myself. Simply Google a topic you are interested in + the word “influencer” + the phrase “free online course” and see what you get! For example: “Traveling influencer free online course.” Find one you care about, and get to learning!!

#61 Design some stuff to sell on Zazzle 

You can create anything you want on Zazzle, and they’ll make the item and ship it for you– no inventory or processing needed from you. So why not create a bunch of stuff, and then show the world what you’ve made? Maybe someone will like your ideas and actually buy something, and then Zazzle will handle your order and give you a cut. Might as well make some money during the Coronavirus quarantine! Why not!? You can 60% Off Cards & Invites and 20% Off All Other Products on your first order of $25+ by signing up with my personal link! 

#62 Clean all of your appliances 

Honestly, they could probably use a good scrubbing. I know mine can! 

#63 Outline a monthly meal prep plan 

Let’s use this down-time to get organized so that when our worlds return back to normal, we can hit the ground running. Find some meal prep ideas that actually sound delicious and do-able to you, and make a plan for 30 days worth of meals. Plan out the groceries you’ll need, add all applicable coupons to your shopper loyalty card like we discussed above, plan an approximate budget, gather all of the recipes… set yourself up for success. 

#64 Learn a new card game 

Cards are so simple, so versatile, so much fun for all. PlayingCardDecks put together an awesome list of how to play 40+ card games, so find one that’s new to you and give it a whirl. It may become your new favorite! 

a man holding playing cards
Our friend taught us a new card game called “7’s and 8’s”! There are SO many card games out there!

#65 Have a phone-free conversation with your spouse/child/roommate/etc.

Do you know who you live with? Who are these people? What are they doing here? When was the last time you spoke to someone you cared about without your phone in your presence? Being forced to get to know these people during the Coronavirus quarantines seems like as good of a time as ever to separate yourself from your devices and actually tune into what the people you love are thinking and feeling.

#66 Research a solid skin care routine for your skin type

You know you should probably have a skin care routine, and if you have one already, you know you should be better about actually doing it. Why not take an evening to research the type of at-home skincare and products that will work best for your personal skin, and make an actionable plan to start and stick with? 

I personally have oily/dry-patch combo skin, and I am 30 years old now, so my skin is changing due to hormone changes (apparently? IDK.) Personally, what works best for me is: 

various natural skincare products
My favorite, all-natural skin-care items, all ordered from Amazon and on a recurring order for me!

#68 Commit to drinking 8 glasses of water per day

Because even though I know that isn’t the key number for everyone, most of us are probably dehydrated, and we could probably use the boost for the 3-4 days that we will actually stick with this commitment. 

#69 Do p90x abs every day for 30 days 

If you can commit to this fifteen-minute ab workout every day, once per day, for 30 days, then I can bet the farm that you’ll make a visibly noticeable difference in your core! I follow along with this version by Jake Mast on YouTube, and I can confirm as someone who owns the real p90x DVDs that the workout routine is exactly the same. Honestly, IDK how this guy hasn’t been sued for copyright infringement, but here we are. Love ya, Jake.

#70 Actually rest and take care of yourself 

No lie– this break is probably something that most of us needed. We all try to keep up with the rat race in our everyday lives, and it can be easy to put ourselves on the back-burner. Especially if you’re at-all feeling less than your best, allow yourself to just veg-out, regroup, rest, and relax right now– and do it all without feeling guilty!! 

I hope you can find something within my list of 70 ideas to keep yourself positively occupied during your Coronavirus quarantines! 

If you keep yourself busy with any of these ideas, or if you have any more to add, please do tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter